Diddy’s $500,000 Car — Cops SWARM … Guns Drawn, Suspect on Knees [PHOTO]

Cops were all over Diddy“s $500,000 Maybach yesterday like WHITE ON RICE … guns at the ready … suspect handcuffed on his knees … and we”ve got a photo of the incredible scene.

As we reported, a fleet of squad cars roared to L.A.”s Soho House yesterday following a 911 call about a suspicious black car with a weapon inside. When they arrived to the scene, cops pulled over Diddy”s Maybach.

The car — driven by Diddy”s bodyguard — had just dropped off the hip-hop mogul at the exclusive West Hollywood club and was driving away … but it barely left the driveway before cops got to it.

Cops whipped out their guns and ordered Diddy”s bodyguard — as well as the passenger — out of the vehicle and handcuffed them on the street.

But it was all for nothing — police quickly determined there were no guns in the car, and the men were let go.