Diddy Discusses Constant Name Changes on "Ellen"

Diddy Discusses Constant Name Changes on

He”s gone from Puff Daddy to P Diddy to just plain Diddy, and now Sean Combs is finally revealing what has caused so many name changes.

During his interview on Ellen DeGeneres” hit talk show, the host stated that she was confused what to call the rapping superstar.

“Is it Diddy Because you keep changing it,” Ellen joked. “It was Puffy, it was Daddy, who are you now”

Mr. Combs replied, “I do have a problem with that and I have admitted to it.”

When asked if he goes to meetings to sort out the name changes, the 43-year-old stated, “I have been looking for meetings and there are no name-changing meetings.”

Diddy continued, “I”ve been in the Puff Daddy spirit because I”m launching this network [Revolt TV] and I had to go back to my roots of aggression and intensity and relentlessness. And, that”s Puff Daddy. That”s a super hero.”

“It”s not technically a name change. It”s just that I”m channeling one of my previous alter egos,” he added.