Dianna Agron Featured in "Just Another Girl" Music Video! See it Here!

Dianna Agron Featured in

Continuing to excite their fans with new music, The Killers unveiled the music video for their new single “Just Another Girl” on Monday (November 25).

The single, which is one of two new tracks to be in the recently released record Direct Hits, features former “Glee” actress Dianna Agron stars in the new video, who appears to be the incarnation of the frontman Brandon Flowers.

Recently, the band”s drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. spoke out about the Direct Hits being their “best of” album, which he considered as a bad move on their group”s part.

“We”d wait another 10 years if it was up to us, but it”s a contractual thing,” Mr. Vannucci explained. “We can fill a CD so it makes good business sense at this time of year.”

He continued, “However, it”s not like we”re so pleased with ourselves we want to put it out. It feels like a douchie move.”

In regards to the album”s release, Ronnie reassures that this doesn”t mean that the band is splitting up any time soon. “I”m looking forward to coming back when we”re ready. it”s a very strange existence, a huge juggling act to navigate this rock “n” roll life. The perception of us is what it is – people know what”s up.”