Diane Kruger Talks Career in Manhattan??s March 2013 Issue

Diane Kruger Talks Career in Manhattan??s March 2013 Issue

Her new flick The Host hits theaters on March 29th, and Diane Kruger has walked a long and winding road to reach fame and fortune.

In the March 2013 issue of Manhattan magazine, the National Treasure: Book of Secrets babe confessed she didnt always know what she wanted to do with her life.

Though she began with ballet, Diane quickly decided she needed to explore other avenues of creativity. By 11, I realized I didnt have the talent to be a prima ballerina; I was getting curvier, and it was getting harder for me to keep up with the other girls, no matter how hard I worked. Thats a pretty sucky thing to find out.

She also tried modeling for a bit- Before then I had never been called pretty, it was huge to be financially independent, and I loved the travel.

Diane worked extra hard to score the role of Bridget von Hammersmark in Quentin Tarantinos Inglourious Basterds. Whats especially frustrating is when a script comes along that you
love, with a part you feel was written for you, and the director wont even see you. Then [Quentin] made me wait two weeks before he called.

Above all else, Diane puts in 110% to every gig because she loves what she does- Its often written that Im very disciplined, but that discipline comes from passion. I didnt understand that at first, but as I got older I did.

And despite her bona fide hottie status, Kruger confessed that she loves sci-fi. Im a Star Trek, Star Wars person.”