Diane Kruger in Flare April 2013: I'm a Big Twilight Fan

Diane Kruger in Flare April 2013: I'm a Big Twilight Fan

With her film “The Host” nearing its anticipated release, Diane Kruger pitched in on promotions by covering the April 2013 issue of Flare magazine.

After posing for a few stills with Autumn De Wilde, the 36-year-old actress chatted about everything from her upcoming film to her early career struggles.

“I actually happen to be a big Twilight fan, which I”m not embarrassed to say,” Diane explained when chatting about “The Host.” “It sort of appeals to my inner teenager girl.”

Meanwhile, Miss Kruger talked about her role as The Seeker and said, “She”s so complex. She has that Stepford Wife-y kind of niceness yet there is so much more underlying there: rage and anger.”

In regards to the beginning of her career, the blonde beauty shared, “People just thought I wasnot turning into a prostitute, but kind of. Everyone was furious. My dad was furious. My school thought I was making the biggest mistake of my life. I knew this was not the life that was meant for me,” she reveals. “I was really good. I certainly went out, but I didnt drink, I didnt do drugs. I made moneyI could pay for a nice coat. Life was amazing.”

“When you first start out as an actress, especially when you come from a modelling background, you want to prove that [youre] capable of emotional depths. Now, having been around the block for 10 years really, it felt like the timing was right. Im not scared to be light-hearted anymore.”

For more on Miss Kruger”s interview, be sure to pay a visit to Flare and check out her new film “The Host” in theaters March 29th.