Diane Kruger in Dujour: I Hate Working Out

Diane Kruger in Dujour: I Hate Working Out

Enjoying her time as the leading lady in “The Bridge,” Diane Kruger scored a feature in the latest issue of DuJour magazine.

During her interview, the “National Treasure” actress opened up about her time as a Chanel ambassador and reveals her distaste for working out.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Kruger”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit DuJour!

On Chanel:
“Ive had a bond with the house since I was 15. My first shoot as a model was for Karl Lagerfeld! I immediately fell under the charm of his kindness and his sense of humor, and, of course, our German roots brought us closer. This happy coincidence gave us an inseparable connection.”

On working with cosmetics:
“I think that beauty begins with beautiful skin. So, even though I enjoy caring for my skin, I also consider it to be an obligation. In my career as a model and then as an actress, Ive had to deal with this every day. So I am very strict about protecting my skin. Im very careful about not exposing my skin to the sun anymore. I never go out without my sunblockeven in the city!”

On staying in shape:
“Im not really athletic. I hate going to the gym. Exercising only makes sense if I get pleasure out of it. But pleasure comes from real life, not from staying in a bubble. Whenever I get the chance, I go hiking.”