Diane Kruger: Chatty in the East Village

Diane Kruger: Chatty in the East Village

Taking care of her to-do list, Diane Kruger showed up in New York Citys East Village neighborhood on Sunday afternoon (September 22).

And the National Treasure actress couldnt seem to part with her mobile phone, as she chatted on the cell incessantly in between stops.

In a recent interview, Diane recalled how her longtime relationship with Joshua Jackson got off to a rocky start.

Kruger shared, Hes thinks he asked me out on a date, which is not true, because I did not agreed to that. I agreed to have drinks with him. I actually had plans with someone else for dinner, so I know I didnt say yes to dinner.

We were sitting at the bar, and its nine oclock, and Im ready to leave. And he was like, Lets go, we have dinner reservations. And I felt really bad because he looked very eager and he put on a clean shirt. And so I was like, Ok, fine. Lets go.