Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson: Inside Their Romantic Life in Paris

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
They have an apartment in Paris and were recently spotted enjoying all that”s glamorous about the City of Light – but for longtime couple Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, it”s the simple things about the city that are most special.

“The most romantic thing about Paris for me is just walking around and being immersed in the city,” Jackson told us Monday at the North American theatrical premiere of Kruger”s latest film, Farewell, My Queen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

“Because Diane has lived there for so long and we have an apartment there, the most romantic part of our day is waking up in our own neighborhood and going down to a cafe and just having breakfast,” he said. “Which is a really quotidian thing to do – but to do it in that city is pretty nice.”

Kruger”s French connection extends to her role in her new movie, due in theaters July 13, in which she plays the ill-fated queen Marie Antoinette. Being a member of a royal family has never appealed to the German actress.

“I do like the Royals and I definitely watched their wedding,” she said of Kate and Prince William. “I think it”s something we can dream about in our society. I myself have never wanted to be in an ivory tower – I [have to be] honest.”

Still, the outfits she wore had Jackson royally impressed.

“I definitely made the effort to go see her in the full queen regalia,” he said. “It”s a one-time thing in an actor”s life. It was sexy – period.”

After Monday night”s screening, the pair headed over to an afterparty at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, where Kruger basked in praise for her performance, and Jackson stayed nearby, ever-supportive.