Dharun Ravi Is Ready to Begin 30-Day Sentence

Dharun Ravi
Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student who was found guilty of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy that resulted in the suicide of his roommate, Tyler Clementi, said in a New Jersey state courtroom on Wednesday morning that he is ready to begin his 30-day jail sentence on Thursday, CNN reports.

On Wednesday, Ravi, 20, issued an apology for the first time since the case began, reports the Newark Star-Ledger.

“My behavior and actions, which at no time were motivated by hate, bigotry, prejudice or desire to hurt, humiliate or embarrass anyone, were nonetheless the wrong choices and decisions,” he said in the statement, according to the Star-Ledger. “I apologize to everyone affected by those choices.”

Ravi used a webcam on his computer to secretly film Clementi having a sexual encounter with another man in the dorm room the two shared in September 2010, later joking about the incident through text messages and Twitter posts.

Days later, after seeing the posts, Clementi, 18, leapt to his death from the George Washington Bridge.

Ravi”s statement Tuesday was the first time he has apologized for his actions, after declining to testify at his trial and refusing an opportunity to speak at his sentencing last week.

It”s possible Ravi could serve only 20 days of the sentence if he”s released on good behavior. He is also required to perform 300 hours of community service.