‘Devils Ride’ Badass Cops Sweet Deal After Drunken Joyride

Exclusive 0422_chris-boultinghouse_mug
The Devils Ride” star Chris Boultinghouse just dodged a bullet (metaphorically speaking) — the roughneck biker struck a deal in his DUI case and only had to serve ONE day in jail.

Chris — known as “White Boi” on Discovery”s show about real life biker gangs — was trying to cut a deal following his November DUI arrest … in which cops say he drunkenly smashed his Escalade into a Prius and then fled the scene.

Chris faced two charges of DUI and one charge of Hit-and-Run.

Now, we”ve learned … White Boi got his wish and struck a deal this week. The terms: in exchange for pleading no contest to two of the charges — driving with a B.A.C. level of .08 or higher and Hit-and-Run — his second DUI charge was dropped.

As for the punishment part … 3 years probation, $390 in fines, 3 months first offender alcohol program, 80 hours of community service and ONE day in jail … which he already served.

Now he can get back to doing this …