Denver Nuggets Star Ty Lawson — THE LAKERS SUCK!!!!

EXCLUSIVE 0107_ty_lawson_video
The Los Angeles Lakers STINK … THEY SUCK … NOT GOOD … this according to someone who would know, Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson.

Just a few hours after Ty and the Nuggets beat up the Lake Show in L.A. last night, Lawson celebrated in Hollywood … and talked some serious trash about the purple and gold.

“We bust they ass,” Lawson said … adding, “I told Kobe, we gonna bust they ass and they gonna deal with it … Easy work!”

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The Lakers

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The Lakers

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But when it came to that OTHER team from L.A., Lawson gave props where props were due — “The Clippers are dope as hell, I ain”t gonna lie.”