Dennis Rodman Makes It RAIN in Vegas — Who’s Broke NOW?!?! [VIDEO]

If Dennis Rodman“s really broke, he hasn”t gotten the memo — because earlier this month in Vegas, he LITTERED the floor of some clothing shop with cash … and the rainstorm was all caught on tape!!!

Sources tell our sources, Rodman had just wrapped a hosting gig at Tabu nightclub — and a few hours later, he hit up a clothing store at the MGM Grand with his entourage.

Before long, The Worm was flinging stacks of singles into the air … lining the floor of the entire store with cash. We”re told he also spent a couple thousand on new threads while he was there.

Bit shocking — considering his lawyer said the guy was broke as a joke … and couldn”t afford to pay his child support bill. Oh well!
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