Dennis Rodman Laughs Off Child Support Debt — My Baby Mama’s a Chump!

If Dennis Rodman really is broke, he doesn”t give a CRAP — eating at an expensive restaurant in Miami this weekend … and brazenly laughing in the faces of all the people he owes money … literally.

Dennis and his entourage hit up a place called Joe”s Stone Crab — a famous Miami spot where the entrees range from $25 to $45 — and on their way out … a photog asked about The Worm”s widely reported financial problems.

Dennis immediately cracked up — and his entourage proceeded to mock the photog, as if asking the question in the first place were utterly ridiculous (fact — it”s not).

Dennis” lawyer has publicly claimed Rodman doesn”t have the money to pay $800,000 in back child support and $51,000 in spousal support because he”s completely broke and “sick” (i.e. an alcoholic). For his part, Dennis has been fighting his child support order for years because he can”t afford it.

A former Vegas waitress has also obtained a judgment against Rodman for $225,000 — claiming he slapped her butt on the job.

It”s not the first time Dennis showed zero regard for his debtors — just last month, the guy walked around some Vegas shop … throwing money in the air (below).

But for some reason, this was all joke fodder in Miami yesterday — with Dennis” buddy even quoting his lawyer in a mocking tone … joking, “He”s broke and sick motherf**ker … we”re going under the bridge after this.”