Dennis Rodman — Fire Up the Popemobile, I Got BIG PLANS for the Vatican

Exclusive 031213_dennis_rodman_launch
Dennis Rodman
 plans to take a spin in the Popemobile during his trip to Rome … but he tells our sources, that”s only the BEGINNING of his plans to change the world by meeting the new Pontiff.

Rodman was at Miami International Airport yesterday — where he boarded his flight for Rome — and we were able to fire off a bunch of questions before he took off.

Among the highlights … Rodman discusses the most surprising thing he experienced in North Korea (involving a mummified Kim Jong Il), how he plans to broker peace between North Korea and the U.S. and what his agenda is for Vatican City … we weren”t kidding about the Popemobile.

But our favorite part … Rodman tells us who the “pimpest” Pope of all time is.

You have to watch.