Dennis and Michelle Rodman
Dennis Rodman
is officially a single man — finally agreeing to sign his wife”s divorce papers after battling her for 8 years.

Michelle Rodman initially filed for divorce in 2004 — then filed again in 2012 after a failed attempt at a reconciliation. We”re told Dennis had been fighting her for years about agreeing to sign off on the split.

But in new court docs, obtained by our sources, Dennis has finally relented — putting his John Hancock on an agreement to dissolve his marriage once and for all.

There are still some financial issues to work out — namely the $800,000 in back child support Dennis allegedly owes — but for all intents and purposes, they”re both officially single.

As for the primary motive behind re-filing the papers — Michelle”s attorney Mary Ann Noiroux tells our sources, Michelle just wanted closure for the kids.

Dennis and Michelle got married in 2003 on Dennis” 42nd birthday. They have two children together — a son and a daughter.