Dennis Rodman Chased Down in Court Over $225,000 Booty-Slapping Bill

Dennis Rodman
still hasn”t paid the price for his slaphappy hands — this according to a Vegas waitress, who claims The Worm spanked her on the job back in 2009 … and now, she”s dragging him back to court.

As we previously reported, Sara Robinson sued the Chicago Bulls legend after the alleged sexual assault at the Hard Rock — and when Rodman failed to respond to the complaint … Sara won a default judgment in the sum of $225,000.

But Sarah claims Rodman still hasn”t paid a cent — so she”s once again fighting the same battle, filing new docs in Florida to enforce the judgment in the Sunshine State … where she suspects Rodman owns property …  hoping to get Rodman to finally pay up.

Sarah’s lawyer tells us, “Mr. Rodman has not paid any of the judgment” — forcing Sara to file papers in EVERY State where Rodman holds residency, including CA and NJ.
Alas, Sarah shouldn’t hold her breath … Rodman also owes his ex-wife $800 K and his lawyer says he’s broke.

Rodman”s lawyer tells us, “We have a Vegas lawyer involved now and expect this to be thrown out. It”s really a case of someone trying to take advantage of the situation because she was fired.”