Demi Moore: Yoga Certification Cutie

Demi Moore: Yoga Certification Cutie

Looking to broaden her resume, Demi Moore recently attended a 3-day class to get certified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor in Los Angeles.

Joined by rumored boyfriend Will Hannigan, the Charlies Angels starlet looked intense as she followed along with the specialized curriculum.

And it sounds like things are on the upswing for Demi, as she finally reconciled with her daughter Rumer Willis.

An insider shared, “Moore and Willis have been working on repairing their relationship. But the problem is that Moore wants to go out and party with her (Willis) again, and that is where all the problems started before.

“Moore”s girls are really apprehensive about letting their mother back into their lives. They want her to be totally over (husband) Kutcher and healthy.”