Demi Moore to Ashton Kutcher — What’s Mine Is Mine; What’s Yours is Mine!

Exclusive 0515-demi-moore-ashton-kutcher-tmz
Demi Moore has been like a heat-seeking missile … squarely aimed at the bank of Ashton Kutcher … sources connected with the couple tell our sources.

Our sources say Demi — who ironically is richer than Ashton — has demanded spousal support from Ashton.  It”s particularly surprising because we”re told Demi recently got around $15 million belatedly from ex-hubby Bruce Willis in connection with their divorce.   If the case doesn”t settle it”s virtually certain a judge would reject Demi”s spousal support claim.

Sources say Demi wants Ashton to help pay for the renovations to her New York apartment … something he”s unwilling to do.  BTW … we”re told the apartment (in the ritzy San Remo building) is worth somewhere between $25 mil and $40 mil!

There are other sticking points.  We”re told Demi is upset because Ashton got involved in an online business and she feels entitled to part of it.  Problem is … he got involved AFTER they split, so it”s almost certainly his separate property.

Our sources say Ashton is willing to give Demi something to end the battle … the question is how much  Demi scored big in her divorce from Bruce Willis — getting a reported $90 million.  Her net worth is estimated at $150 million.  Ashton”s reportedly $10 million behind her.

In the end, our sources say they”re not that far apart, and the case could settle as early as next month.