Demi Moore — Red Bull Addiction for Years

0127_demi_moore_redbull_inf_v2Demi Moore was obsessively drinking Red Bull in weeks preceding her 911 emergency, but we”ve learned her addiction to Red Bull is a decade old.

Moore — a recovering addict — had cases and cases of Red Bull delivered to her home as early as 2002.  Sources connected with Red Bull North America tell us … Demi was so dependent on the energy drink, the company used her to market the product. 

Sources from the Red Bull company tell us … the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.

The Sun published a story today reporting … in the months before Demi was hospitalized … she was using Red Bull in place of food.  

Our sources say … two weeks before Demi was hospitalized, she went to a Hollywood party and consumed a massive amount of Red Bull … but never touched alcohol.