Demi Lovato to Release "Made in the USA"

Demi Lovato to Release

Hoping to capture the success of “Heart Attack” and score a summer anthem, Demi Lovato will release “Made in the USA” as her second single.

According to Billboard, the follow-up tune from her fourth album, Demi, will debut on Top 40 radio on June 27th.

Amongst all the excitement, tragedy recently struck in Ms. Lovato”s life as her estranged biological father passed away. In gratitude, the 20-year-old songstress tweeted, “I feel so humbled to have had so much support from my fans, friends, family and complete strangers. God bless you all, thank you so much.”

As fans poured in the condolences, pal Nick Jonas sent her a special message on Twitter, posting, “@ddlovato WE CAN”T STOP THE WORLD, but we can find friends we DON”T FORGET. So blessed our TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS collided. Stay strong.”