Demi Lovato to Ben Stiller: "Buy My New Album!" – Watch Here!

Demi Lovato to Ben Stiller:

Hitting the streets of the Big Apple to try and sell some records, Demi Lovato tried to make a famous face a Lovatic this week.

While being driven around NYC, the 20-year-old singer spotted Ben Stiller out and about and yelled, “Ben Stiller, buy my new album on iTunes! It”s out now, it”ll give you a heart attack.”

Turning back to her friends in the car, Demi smiled and said “F**k yeah!” before erupting in laughter with her friends. Check out all the fun in the video below.

On Sunday, the former Disney darling thanked another famous fan, tweeting a pic of Nick Jonas posing with a copy of her album in a store.Appreciating the shout-out, Ms. Lovato commented, “Look at this guy… Said he bought every copy they had..!!! Love you @nickjonas, you are the best!!!!”