Demi Lovato Talks New Music & Bullying on "LIVE with Kelly and Michael"

Demi Lovato Talks New Music & Bullying on

Stoked to introduce her new music to the world, Demi Lovato chatted about her album on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on Thursday (April 11).

The “X Factor” judge told the friendly hosts, “With the album I have a ton of upbeat songs, that are just like “Heart Attack.” Super catchy, they get stuck in your head, which is always a good thing. But I also have some pretty emotional songs opening up about things that I haven”t really ever talked about. It”s a big deal for me.”

Sharing her commitment to the anti-bullying campaign, the 20-year-old songstress said, “I have a song that”s actually about bullying. It”s not on the album though. I gotta release it at some point. …I take it very seriously. That”s something that I feel like with my “power,” you said (make me sound like Superman) with that, I feel like if you”re not using it for good, then you”re wasting everyone”s time.”

Though her full album, Demi comes out on May 14th, fans can check out the music video for “Heart Attack” in the meantime.