Demi Lovato Talks Guy Type & Lack of Partying Interest

Demi Lovato Talks Guy Type & Lack of Partying Interest

Shes never been a traditionalist, so its no wonder Demi Lovato departs from the norm when it comes to the men who catch her eye.

In a new interview, the Heart Attack singer confessed that just doesnt get why ladies swoon over Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum.

“I”m not particularly in love with either one. To me, they”re still kind of pretty boys. I just don”t think they”re just the most attractive men in the world. I”m a really big fan of Mickey Mouse; he”s provided me with a lot.”

“They are really attractive don”t get me wrong. [But] they are not my type. I go for the bad-boy kinda thing, an edge. I”m not into muscle-heads. I”m into tattoos or ethnic guys or whatever, so it”s not really my type but it doesn”t mean they are not good-looking. They are so gorgeous; they are just not my type.”

As for her favorite famous female, Demi gushed, “Dream celebrity crush, Amber Heard. She”s gorgeous, so gorgeous.”