Demi Lovato Relates to Cory Monteith??s Addiction

Demi Lovato Relates to Cory Monteith??s Addiction

Shes been to hell and back in her short 20 years on the earth, and Demi Lovato says she can empathize with the late Cory Monteith.

The Skyscraper songstress noted that the deceased Glee star was a victim to his addiction and had no control over his own overdose.

Demi began, “All it takes is one moment of vulnerability to get slipped into your addiction. He didn”t choose to die. It was the disease.

It can creep up on you at any moment. It only takes one moment of relapse to potentially die. It”s really scary, but I”m really hoping that from this, people are able to see this is a very, very, very dangerous disease.”

Miss Lovato also noted that shes heartbroken for Monteiths girlfriend Lea Michele- “The main person in my thoughts is Lea. I am praying for her so hard and I love her so much. I”m wishing her a lot of strength right now.”