Demi Lovato: Fan Favorite in London

Demi Lovato: Fan Favorite in London

Drumming up support for her latest album DEMI, Demi Lovato was all over the place in London, England today (May 28).

The Skyscraper songstress braved the rainy conditions as she stepped out of her swanky hotel and strolled up the street to greet fans.

Demi also paid a visit to her English followers at the HMV store on Oxford Street, signing albums and posing for pictures along the way.

In a new interview, Miss Lovato explained her steady climb to fame. “I had a moment where I was just like, “What am I doing wrong I know I can sing. I know I”m talented. How is it that other artists who don”t have my vocals … (are) on the radio What”s taking so long” And I realized, “Oh, it”s hit songs. You need hit songs.

As for her new record, Demi gushed, “We didn”t want to put a song on there that was an album filler, so we don”t have any songs on there that couldn”t be potential singles.”