Demi Lovato Dishes On Details About Upcoming Album

Demi Lovato Dishes On Details About Upcoming Album

Her talents for being a judge on the “X Factor” have been questioned, but now Demi Lovato is hoping that her upcoming album will prove all of her nay-sayers wrong.

The 20 year-old songstress recently sat down with MTV News where she explained, “Well I definitely want to back up why I was a mentor on “X Factor.” I don”t want to go on my album and kind of make people think “Well what does she know about judging” And I definitely think I”m going to accomplish hopefully a positive response.”

Throughout her career, Miss Lovato has always been open with her fans about her personal life and it seems the new music will be no different, “Not only does the album say a lot about where I am in life right now [but] like there”s follow-up songs,” she said, adding, “I feel like one is a follow-up song to “Skyscraper.” I feel like other ones talk about some issues I haven”t spoken about. I”m continuing to let out a lot of things therapeutically on my music and I”m very thankful I have the opportunity to do that.”

Though details on the unnamed album are limited right now, the “Heart Attack” singer did tease one exciting factor, dishing, “I do have a collaboration with somebody. I don”t know if I”m allowed to tell but it”ll be dope.”

To hear what else Demi had to say, check out the full interview in the player below and be sure to stick with GossipCenter on all the upcoming details for her new music!

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