Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus on "Katie": Watch Here!

Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus on

From one pop star to another, Demi Lovato is speaking up to support her colleague Miley Cyrus on an upcoming episode of “Katie.”

Standing up for the 20-year-old singer, the “Heart Attack” songstress shares, “I think she knows what shes doing. A lot of artists take that route, of shock value, and thats totally fine and thats great, but she has such an incredible voice thats overshadowed by some of the things that shes doing.”

Noting that the two have been friends since she was 14, Demi says, “It”s her journey, she”s having fun, she”s being who she is, and I”ll always love her.”

Citing the cause of all the raised eyebrows, she continues, “I think that the world kind of needs to get over the fact that she was Hannah Montana when she was 16 or whatever.

Urging critics to relax, Ms. Lovato concludes, “But nobody knows her and nobody really knows who I am and same with Selena [Gomez] and Jonas [Brothers] and everybody whos grown up in front of the public eye. Were adults now Im nowhere near the same person I was when I was 15 or 16 thank God. But Ive learned a lot and Ive grown up and were all in the process of doing that, so go a little easy on us, America. Check out her interview in the video below.