Deion Sanders — I’m Not Done Fighting — In Assault Case

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Deion Sanders will get a slap on the wrist … for the violent physical confrontation he had earlier this month with a school official in Dallas … our sources has learned … but Deion tells us his fight for justice isn”t over.

According to police documents obtained by our sources … Sanders was given a Class C citation for misdemeanor assault — the lowest level of misdemeanor that carries no jail time but is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

As we”ve reported … Deion was fired from Prime Prep Academy — a school he co-founded — after locking horns with PPA official Kevin Jefferson during a heated faculty meeting. Sanders insists he never assaulted the guy but admits there was a confrontation.

In his statement to police … Jefferson says Sanders got in his face and  “grabbed [him] by the collar and pushed him into the wall hurting the right side of his back” … before other staff members stepped in to stop the fight. 

According to Dallas PD … Deion now has two choices — he can either pay the fine – or contest the assault citation in Dallas City Court.

Deion is choosing door number two. He tells our sources, “I”m glad to go to court with several teachers who witnessed the non-assault.”

He added: “I wish Mr. Jefferson well in his paper chase. I will continue to support our teachers, students and parents to ensure academic and personal success at Prime Prep.”