Deion Sanders’ Estranged Wife — Allegations of Credit Card Abuse

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Deion Sanders
” estranged wife would”ve SCOFFED at a $6k credit card bill when she was happily married to a rich guy … but now, she”s RUNNING from it, this according a new lawsuit obtained by our sources.

We”ve learned … Capital One has slapped Pilar Sanders with a big, fat lawsuit in Texas for allegedly failing to make payments on a $6,160.25 bill … an amount she used to consider chump change.

We”ve been reporting for months … Pilar and Deion are at WAR — and Prime Time even kicked her out of his Texas mansion. Pilar has lawyered up and wants a cut of the NFL legend”s fortune, estimated at more than $250 million.

But for now Capital One just wants its $6k … and according to court docs, the bank says it reached out to Pilar in January, 2013, demanding she cough up the cash … but she never paid.

Now, C.O. is suing for the full amount plus court costs.

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