Defiant Demi wears the smile of a true Hollywood survivor

Defiant Demi wears the smile of a true Hollywood survivor

Don”t be deceived by her petite frame and delicate features – Demi Moore is made of sterner stuff than most would give her credit for.

That much was clear this week as she put the troubles in her personal life aside to attend the premiere of her new film Margin Call.

Her bright smile as she flashed her wedding ring for all the world to see spoke volumes.

The confident, happy 48-year-old striding up the red carpet didn”t fit in with the role of the wronged and wounded woman which some reports have alluded to.

As she posed with fellow cast members Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany, the only clue of the strain that may have been caused by recent accusations of her husband Ashton Kutcher”s infidelity was her increasingly slender frame.

While fans may be concerned about how this increased scrutiny may affect the GI Jane actress, one look at her past shows she has experience of weathering the storm.

Far from being a precious Hollywood princess, Demi knows what it”s like to battle criticism, tough times and relationship woes.

It wouldn”t be the first time she”s come through smiling and ready to move onto the next challenge.