David Tutera and Former Partner Split The Twins

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David Tutera — the host of “My Fair Wedding” — followed the biblical path in his split with Ryan Jurica  — he gets one of their twins, and Ryan gets one.

The two men had a 10-year domestic partnership that blew apart in January … and it got UGLY.  And there was a big complication — they had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and that triggered a bitter custody battle.

Now here”s the complication.  Each man fertilized an egg that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time.  It appears the eggs are from the same biological mother.

Sources familiar with the situation tell our sources … a judge has issued a temporary custody arrangement in which David gets custody of his biological child, baby girl Cielo, and Ryan gets custody of his biological child, Cedric.

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Splitting the Twins

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Splitting the Twins

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We”re also told the two men are getting along.  It”s unclear if they will each get visitation rights of each other”s kid.

So we gotta ask …