David Spade — Amanda Bynes Is Still HOT … She’s Got Great Boobs

Exclusive 052913_david_spade_launch
Despite all the craziness … and the wigs … and the legal drama, David Spade says he still sees Amanda Bynes for who she really is — a hot piece of ass.

Spade was hangin” at The Improv last night with his “Grown Ups 2” co-star Nick Swardson — when Dave dropped some serious truth bombs about the ongoing Bynes saga.

“I”m scared of Amanda Bynes,” Spade said … joking that she”ll call him “ugly” on Twitter if he says anything unflattering about her.

But Spade did rank Amanda”s hotness — and it”s obvious, he”s a fan.

“If you cut out all the “stuff,” … she”s technically, for all intensive purposes, very pretty — but I think she”s getting in her own way.”

But it”s not all about her looks, Spade also says Amanda has a point when it comes to how she”s portrayed in the media.