David Beckham unveils new hand tattoo at documentary launch

David Beckham showed off a new tattoo on Monday at the programme launch for new documentary Into The Unknown.

Positioned on his left hand, the tattoo reads Lead With Love in calligraphy.

David is no stranger to body art, with both his left and right arms covered in sleeves, as well as parts of his back, chest, and legs.

David Beckham reveals new tattoo

The former England football player was talking to Monty Python star and veteran of numerous BBC travel shows including one on Brazil, Michael Palin.

When Michael asked him about some of the terrifying experiences of the trip, David recalled being left shaken when a frog appeared on his tent – and Michael replied: “You are a wimp really. David Attenborough would have interviewed it.”

“I wish the snake had been bigger. It was bigger than it looks on TV,” David said, before adding: “I am not a big frog fan. It was bright orange and I was told it was pretty dangerous. I was a little bit nervous about that.”

The 38-year-old footballer-turned-underwear model travelled to Rio de Janeiro with three friends before journeying to the remote Yanomami tribe in the 90-minute programme to show during the 2014 FIFA World Cup this summer.

David meets Davi Kopenawa

David met the tribes most prominent spokesperson Davi Kopenawa, who is known as the ‘Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’, and is the first-ever Yanomami shaman to have published a book. Davi told David about the problems facing his tribe, including the illegal gold mining that has been taking place on their land.

David also revealed that one of his goals of the trip was to find somewhere in the world where he was not recognised, and then explain football to someone. He joked: “It is the first time I have ever had to explain what soccer is to anybody apart from Victoria.”

The first 30-second clip for the BBC documentary
was aired on Friday. In it we saw David”s fashion designer wife Victoria joke about David”s hair, as David shows Victoria and eldest son Brooklyn a map of his planned travels throughout the Amazon rainforest.