David Beckham: Soccer Fun with the Boys

David Beckham: Soccer Fun with the Boys

Tending to his fatherly duties, David Beckham took his sons to the French First League Paris Saint-Germain training camp today (April 19).

Mr. Golden Balls himself showed Brooklyn , Romeo, and Cruz how to take their soccer game to the next level on the pitch at Cam des Loges while fans stood by and cheered.

Meanwhile, it seems PSG has been trying everything possible to get Becks to stay on the squad when his short-term contract runs out at the end of the season.

David explained, The owners and the manager have made it very clear that they would like me to stay. Im very touched and very honored by that.

It has been an amazing time so far. Hopefully well be successful, then well make the decision on what I do. Im 38 in May and you get a reminder of your age every now and again but Im enjoying playing. I love playing . . . retiring is not an option yet.