David Beckham Holds Digital Book Signing

David Beckham Holds Digital Book Signing

Hes always been a game changer, regardless of the context, and David Beckham hosted a special digital book signing event in London, England on Wednesday afternoon (October 30).

Celebrating the release of his new book David Beckham, the English footballer hung out with fans in Hyderabad, New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil for a Q&A session via the Internet and offered digital autographs to a few lucky winners.

Of the event, Becks told press, “I always like innovative and original ideas. What has been created is ambitious but it should be a fantastic event.

I love the interaction with my fans, but not only will I be able to do this in London, I will be able to sign for them in locations across the world.”

Facebooks Glenn Miller added, “This heralds a completely new way to launch books. Facebook is where people go to connect about the things that matter most to them and this global event is a great example of how we can engage with public figures in a meaningful and authentic way.”