David Beckham: China Soccer Stud

David Beckham: China Soccer Stud

Enjoying some time abroad, David Beckham showed up at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center today in Beijing, China to play soccer with some very lucky children.

The world-famous athlete looked to be in fine form as he made his way around the pitch as part of his Chinese Super League ambassador duties.

In related news, it seems Becks scored an offer with the National Football League in the USA to become a kicker after his LA Galaxy gig was up.

An insider told press, “An NFL franchise scout contacted the star to see if he would be interested in trying out as a star kicker. It was obvious too that if Becks took up the offer then any NFL franchise would be interested as his international appeal would generate billions in PR and commercial opportunities.”

But David didnt end up wanting the position- The offer came in and he politely said that it wasn”t right for him.”