Darren Criss Talks "Gleeks" in Cosmopolitan October 2013 Feature

Darren Criss Talks

With his hit Fox series “Glee” nearing its anticipated fifth season premiere, Darren Criss scored a feature in the October 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

During his Q&A session with the publication, the 26-year-old actor chatted about dealing with the aftermath of co-star Cory Monteith”s death and revealed an awkward encounter with an obsessed “Gleek.”

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Criss” interview below. For more, be sure to visit Cosmopolitan!

On recovering from Cory:
“As I said on Conan, were picking up the pieces. Cory loved life and wanted his friends to be happy, so its only right that we try and start to smile again. Thats something that he would have wanted. I am just so happy that he got to touch as many lives as he did while we were all lucky enough to have him.”

On dealing with the craziest “Gleek” he”s ever met:
“A guy licked my face straight up grabbed my head and licked my face”

On having no need to assert his heterosexuality:
“I know who I am. I feel bad for guys who have to flex their muscles. But hey, if thats the way to make yourself feel comfortable as a man as long as it isnt antagonizing anybody go for it. Im okay with your getting a Miata to feel like a dude; just dont be a d*** about it.”

On learning a lesson from an ex:
“When I was a junior in college, Id broken up with a girl, but there were those residual months when I was still calling her all the time and wanting to spend time with her. Basically, she sat me down and said, Listen, you broke my heart. Accept responsibility for your actions, be a man, and leave me alone, because its only going to make things worse. Ill always remember that as a pivotal moment in my life. I hope shes reading this because I love her for it.”