Darren Criss: Promotional Fun in Toronto

Darren Criss: Promotional Fun in Toronto

Taking care of some media duties, Darren Criss stepped out at the 92.5 Kiss radio station in Toronto, Canada this morning (June 12).

The Glee hunk stopped to sign autographs and pose for pictures with his fans after his on-the-air interview, before heading over to Global TV for The Morning Show.

Though hes a California boy at heart, Criss ended up graduating from the University of Michigan, far away from the West Coast in Ann Arbor.

He explained, I think the gateway drug was my dad. Its one of the beautiful accidents of my life, given that Michigan played such a massive role in my life. My dad kind of lived all over the place when he was growing up, but his father worked for GM, and so he grew up going to Michigan games. So getting that sense of Michigans grandeur from him appealed to me, and I auditioned and got in.

Its like that girl or guy at the bar that youre not thinking about too much, but then a friend tells you shes interested, and youre suddenly like, Oh, really and your whole perspective changes, and youre interested back. Then I visited the campus and fell in love instantly.