Daniel Radcliffe Talks "Harry Potter" Image in Harper's Bazaar November 2013

Daniel Radcliffe Talks

In the midst of his busy schedule, Daniel Radcliffe scored a feature in the November 2013 issue of Harper”s Bazaar magazine.

During his interview, the 24-year-old actor chatted about phasing out his “Harry Potter” image and revealed how he handles his emotions in front of others.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Radcliff”s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to visit Harper”s Bazaar!

On his “Harry Potter” image:
“I used to worry that any facial expression I made, people would see Harry. I was proud of “The Woman in Black,” but there were points where I still saw Potter. In the last two years I”ve got my fitter, which has given me confidence. I had a moment just before “Kill Your Darlings,” when I was like, “Your face is always going to be the same as the one that played Harry Potter. You”ve just got to forget about that.””

On his controlled emotions:
“There was some part of me as a kid that thought I was not allowed to express anything negative about my life. The expectation of me is that I should just be delighted all the time. I do have a wonderful life and I”ve been very fortunate, but in the last few years I”ve been going, “You do have a wonderful life, but you also have a very weird life at times and you are allowed to have feelings about that.” I am generally upbeat though.”

On his on the go schedule:
“I”m only tired when I get home. At work, I”m a ball of energy. I”ve always been on set, with a sense of structure. if you take that away, I don”t know what to do with myself.”