Daniel Radcliffe Covers OUT March 2013

Daniel Radcliffe Covers OUT March 2013

His new film “Kill Your Darlings” premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January, and now Daniel Radcliffe is rocking the cover of OUT magazine”s March 2013 issue.

The “Harry Potter” actor donned a collection of designer duds from Bottega Veneta for the Kai Z Feng-shot front page while opening up about everything from the end of his breakout British wizardry series to expanding his career.

Before becoming “The Boy Who Lived,” Daniel recalls that he wasn”t normal to begin with. “My dad was a literary agent from a very working-class background in Northern Ireland, and my mom was a Jewish and from Essex, so I think I always felt different from everyone else in my class.”

When Daniel”s career took a turn for the Broadway stage, he admitted that he had a few haters, explaining, “While we were in rehearsal [for Equus], there was a headline along the lines of “Crash! What”s that The sound of a career coming to a grinding halt.” I remember reading that and looking around the rehearsal at [co-star] Richard Grifths and [director] Thea Sharrock, and David Hersey, our lighting designer, and [set designer] John Napier, and thinking, “If this is me f******* up, there are a lot of good people that are f****** up, too.””

Although his days of Witchcraft and Wizardry are complete, the 23-year-old actor explained he”s excited to continue his career. “I”ve always said that it”s a long process, and in a way it may be a lifelong one. It”s about proving to people that I”m in this for the long haul and that I wasn”t just looking to get famous as I could for as long as I could and ride that out.”

“I love almost every aspect of this industry and I want to be in it, and if I could drop dead on a film set at 80, that”s how I”d want to go,” Daniel added.

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