Daniel Radcliff Talks Gay Love Scenes in Flaunt

Daniel Radcliff Talks Gay Love Scenes in Flaunt

Taking a time out from his busy schedule, Daniel Radcliffe covers Flaunt magazine”s Stakes Issue.

While strike a few poses for the Adam Whitehead-shot spread, the “Harry Potter” actor chatted about portraying a gay man and his thoughts on the US government.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Radcliffe”s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to visit Flaunt!

On having to shoot a gay sex scene :
“I don”t think there”s any difference between how one falls in love. People express love differently, person to person, but it”s not gender or sexuality related. The only difference it made was obviously the actual sex scene, of course… I was talked through it by the director. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take. Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f***ing painful. And [direct John Krokidas] said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before. He wanted it to look like an authentic loss of virginity.”

On the US
“The thing I”ve learned from spending time in America is that the fatal mistake is to consider it to be one country, or to tar any particular region with one brush. America has such a strong conformist character that the counter culture that arises from it is all the more vibrant – that goes all the way from Ginsberg to Nirvana… actually, ever since the 1920s onward.”