Dancing with the Stars Ricki Lake"s Weight Loss

Ricki Lake started dropping inches from the get-go while training for Dancing with the Stars, and now her progress continues.

“I”ve lost a lot of inches all over,” the actress and TV host, 43, tells PEOPLE. “Definitely in my arms, and my arms were particularly one of the things I hated most about my body, so it”s nice to see them slimming down.”

She also says she doesn”t expect to be Hollywood thin – and names Chynna Phillips and Jennifer Grey as examples – but aims to do what she can.

“I”ll never look like these women and these professional dancers,” she says.

But she does admit to having a prop under her clothes. “I”m wearing Brooke Burke”s Baboosh thing,” she said during a practice session, referring to a belly wrap from Burke”s Baby Baboosh line. “Because it helps me with my posture, and it also makes me sweat.”

She says after dancing five hours a day with partner Derek Hough, “I”m exhausted. I”m committing to this 110 percent … coming in with a good attitude … and going home and eating a balanced meal. It”s really that simple.”