Dancing with the Stars- Nancy Grace Discusses Weight Loss

Nancy Grace
Ricki Lake has been outspoken about her desire to lose weight like Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars – but her fellow season 13 competitor Nancy Grace is shy when it comes to discussing her shrinking figure.

Grace, 51 – who told us last month that she”d dropped 10 lbs. since participating on the show – jokingly switched the focus to her partner Tristan McManus on Monday night when asked about her body.

“I”ve noticed Tristan has lost a lot of weight,” she told us with a laugh backstage after the show. “He really needed to. He was carrying way too many pounds around.”

But eventually, the talk show host caved with a smile, revealing she has shed 16 lbs. so far.

“This has been a great side effect to dancing, so I”m happy,” she said. “But I just think women should love their bodies like they are.”

With the help of some meals by Freshology and hours in the studio with McManus, whom she calls her “lucky charm,” Grace says she”s “feeling good.”

By the sound of it, her weight loss isn”t a priority to her husband either. With a grin, the mom of two revealed, “I don”t think he”s even noticed.”