Cuba Gooding Jr. — Bartender-Shoving Case DISMISSED

exclusive 0803_cuba_gooding_jr
Cuba Gooding Jr.
is officially off the hook after allegedly shoving a female bartender in New Orleans this week — the City Attorney has refused to file criminal charges.

According to the City Attorney”s office, the case was dismissed due to a lack of a complaining witness — i.e. the bartender in question, who announced yesterday she did NOT want to press charges.

The court signed an expungement order moments ago — meaning it”s like this whole thing never happened.

our sources broke the story … an arrest warrant was issued for Cuba on Tuesday — when a female bartender at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street said Cuba shoved her.

The bartender told police Cuba had gotten belligerent with other bar patrons for taking pictures of him — and she asked him to leave. That”s when she says Cuba roughed her up.

The argument then spilled outside, where Cuba called the bartender a “racist.” We posted the video this morning.

But it”s all water under the bridge now … at least legally.