‘CSI’ Star Marg Helgenberger — I’d STILL Work with Bieber … Despite His Bratty Cameo

exclusive 080612_marg_helgenburger_launch
CSI” star Marg Helgenberger would be HONORED to work with Justin Bieber again — despite what she said last year … that the singer was an intolerable “brat” behind the scenes of her TV show.

In case you didn”t know, Bieber acted in one of the greatest episodes of “CSI” history — a cameo that culminated in his character getting shot up in a comically excessive hail of gunfire.

But Helgenberger wasn”t his biggest fan — telling a French radio station shortly after the episode aired … Bieber “was kind of a brat” on set, locking a producer in a closet and even punching a cake.

Now, Helgenberger appears to have had a change of heart. The other night in L.A., we asked if she”d ever like to work with Bieber again … and she replied with an enthusiastic “OF COURSE!”

If it”s anything like the “CSI” cameo, we”re in too.