‘CSI’ Creator’s Wife — My Hubby Makes a Fortune for Doing NOTHING!

The guy who created the “CSI” shows is raking in $25k per episode for EACH of the three series on the air … this according to his estranged wife who claims she can”t figure out why he deserves to keep getting paid. 

Jennifer Zuiker just filed new legal docs in her divorce from Anthony Zuiker … in which she claims Anthony hasn”t given her a dime in child and spousal support since she called off the marriage last April.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jennifer is demanding $1,000,000 to pay her lawyers and accountants while they work out a  long term financial arrangement. Plus she wants a judge to sign off on an order that would force Anthony to shell out $54,282 in monthly support. After all, Jennifer claims she spends $158,827 in monthly expenses including:

— personal living expenses …………$91,882
— children”s personal expenses … $5,236
— costs related to houses ………….. $61,710

In an effort to convince the judge that Anthony can afford it … Jennifer spells out his yearly income — an estimated $1.6 MILLION … and that”s JUST from the “CSI” franchise.

Jennifer notes in the docs, “It has not been determined what, if anything, [Anthony] is doing to earn those funds.”

Jennifer claims Anthony is also banking a bunch of cash from a new show he”s developing for ABC called “Chameleon” … plus, she believes he”s also getting paid for various speaking engagements.

A hearing is set for March. Stay tuned …