Cris Collinsworth on Tim Tebow Signing — Bill Belichick’s a GENIUS!!!

Exclusive 061113_chris_collinsworth_launch
Tim Tebow is in a GREAT situation in New England … so says “Sunday Night Football” sportscaster Cris Collinsworth who tells our sources … Bill Belichick is a GENIUS.

Collinsworth was strollin” Rodeo Drive with his family yesterday when he was talked about the biggest signing in the NFL — Tebow to the Patriots.

“I”m happy for him,” Cris sais … “Bill Belichick”s a genius, he”ll figure out a way to make it work.”

As for what position Tebow could play — Cris says he still believes Tim”s a playoff caliber QB.

But let”s get serious, TT won”t get close to the center as long as a guy named Tom Brady”s still healthy.