Creepy ‘I Can’t Sleep’ Letter from Michael Jackson Yanked from Auction

A letter Michael Jackson wrote to Lisa Marie Presley — complaining about the problem that ultimately killed the singer — has been yanked from the auction block after Lisa Marie pitched a fit.

Lisa Marie has not said why she wanted the letter pulled, but it”s pretty clear — Michael struggled with sleep deprivation for years until he found a quick fix in the form of Propofol.

The letter — written sometime between 1993 and 1996, reads as follows:  “Smell here [arrow with box] Lisa I truly need this rest I haven”t slept litterally [sic] in 4 days now.  I need to be away from phones and Business people.  I must take care of my health first Im” [sic] crazy for you Love Turd.”

As our sources first reported, Jackson was doctor shopping for Propofol before he hooked up with Conrad Murray.

So Julien”s Auction in Beverly Hills — the same company selling off Elvis” crypt — has capitulated to Elvis” daughter.  Owner Darren Julien tells our sources, “I”m assuming it”s a personal nature, and we wanted to honor the request and continue our good relationship with Ms. Presley.”

We can read between the lines.

Creepy I Cannot Sleep Letter from Michael Jackson