Courtney Stodden Got Kicked Out of A Pumpkin Patch

Urge to make poop joke strong.. must.. resist…

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison decided to take their love to a nice, family-friendly pumpkin patch over the weekend where they found themselves subjected to the torches and pitchforks of people who apparently refused to understand how pure and wholesome dry-humping a 17-year-old in plain sight can be. RadarOnline reports:

Onlookers also complained that Courtney — wearing Daisy Dukes and a plaid shirt tied to show off her flat belly — was not dressed appropriately for the patch. After Courtney, 17, and Doug, 51, were 86’ed from the patch, they went to a nearby area where Courtney struck some sexy poses for the camera.
Courtney presumably referred to the incident on her Twitter page, writing: “Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! 🙂 “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24″

For the record, that was Courtney Stodden actually attempting to use scripture to defend looking like a goddamn fall festival for pedophiles. “It’s not the whore parade on the outside that matters, you guys, it’s the even more perverse whore parade and daddy issues on the inside that count. Or something. I like shorts! Hehe! 😀 XOXO!”