Courtney Love Wins Lawsuit Against Landlord

Courtney Love
will NOT be evicted from her luxury Manhattan townhouse — has learned, a judge just tossed out the landlord”s case, because it turns out Courtney did exactly what a good tenant is supposed to do — pay her rent.

Courtney”s landlord filed the eviction lawsuit, claiming she owed $54,000 for 2 months of back rent.  But the judge just ruled the landlord was way off base.  Turns out the landlord and Courtney had made an agreement after the lease was signed that altered the payment schedule.  Courtney was paying according to the new deal, but the landlord was trying to enforce the original one.

So bottom line … Courtney gets to stay.

P.S.  The landlord said originally that in addition to owing rent, Courtney accidentally set the joint on fire.  The judge didn”t address the whole fire thing.